21 Sep

The idea of moving to a new house or office sounds quite intriguing and brings along a lot of prosperous promises with it; but as your moving day approaches closer, a common cause of anxiety can be the subject of your furniture and what to do with it. While some of the antique and costly pieces should be carried along, the rest of them should be left back or disposed of because when the weight of your belongings increases, so does your shipping and moving charges. Thus, here are 5 ways in which you can dispose of used furniture before moving and relocation.

1. Donate the furniture 

Not everyone in our society has been blessed with the privilege to furnish their homes with the luxury of furniture, thus, when you are moving out, rather than disposing of them, donate them to needy families or charitable trusts where they can put them to the best use. Also, when you donate to a charity or NGO, you receive some legal receipts claiming the same, which when produced to your yearly tax officials can help you acquire a tax deduction. However, the charities would need a proper vehicle to move the furniture to them, and the paraphernalia that has gone through some serious damage will not be accepted.

2. Sell them off 

Selling your furniture off is not accompanied by as many restrictions as donating them to the charities. If you have plans of procuring new sets of furniture once you move to your new house, then attaining some cash by selling the old ones is not a bad idea. Even though the price that you would receive is much lesser than the original one; yet it is a brilliant way of avoiding the inevitable charges of carrying these heavy materials with the movers. Ask your friends and family to spread the word a few weeks ahead of your moving date or let people know about it on social media platforms and selling websites and settle for the buyer who is willing to pay the highest. 

3. Toss it 

When we say throw away your furniture, we do not mean simply disposing it to a dumping site. You can either leave the furniture in front of your house and wait for the dumpsters to carry it away to fulfill their purposes or seek help from the professionals. Call them for a free assessment of all your belongings and then according to your convenience, ask them to dump them at the most eco-friendly mechanism. With years of experience in this field, they will either employ methods of reusing them or recycle for the betterment.

4. Rent a dumpster 

Renting a dumpster is one of the wisest methods of getting rid of your old furniture and other utilities when you have a lot of them in-store. Nonetheless, with a dumpster, you will have to remain through all the stages from secluding the extra articles and then lifting them to put inside the dumpster. Also, you should remember that you cannot keep throwing in the stuff inside the dumpsters as they come with weight limits.

5. Hire a professional 

When you hire a professional and endow them with the function of disposing of the old furniture from your house, it will be done in the most hassle-free manner. The waste disposal companies come with no strict regulations and there is no need to worry about additional charges. When you try to perform the whole action all by yourself, the net cost will be more when compared to a contract with the professionals. Therefore, if you are looking for a strapping all-round way of furniture disposal, then fix an appointment with the company now!

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