20 Oct

Often after clean ups and sometimes even due to natural calamities, there is an excess of junk that needs to be cleaned up around your house. Like when there is a great rain and trees and other debris litter your garden you have to do the difficult job of cleaning it up. Well no more, there are many companies in Reno that will clean up that garbage for you at a very reasonable price. And the best part is that you will be contributing to the environment in turn. When garbage is stashed out in the open it can cause soil and water pollution. Raccoons and birds may choke on the hazardous objects when they try to look for food in there. When you can’t do the job yourself, it is best to call a junk removal company, and these are some of the best junk removal companies in Reno to choose from.

1. Clean Cut Lawn Care

While primarily a lawn care company, they have recently branched out to help you with removal of junk in and around the house. They had started off with removing the tree branches and leaves that gather on your lawn but now they will clean up the junk that is generated after you move into a house or have a spring cleaning. They will haul trash, clean your backyard and even construction debris. No matter the quantity of the junk - they are equipped with the man power and big trucks to clean it up. Best part is that they guarantee to remove your trash on the same-day that you call them so the junk does not lie around for days. They even help move furniture and transport mulch and rock from one place to another.

2. Reno Junk Removal Pros

As the name suggest, these guys are a pro when it comes to junk removal. A good junk removal company is one which offers a host of services like cleaning out landfills to cleaning out apartments. Their biggest clients are construction companies who need people to clean up after they are done with their job. Construction junk is both harmful and dangerous as people could get hurt by them. Junk Removal Pros has the equipment to deal with this junk and dispose of it safely. A special service they offer is dumpster rental if you want to do-it-yourself.

3. Junk King Reno

A reason why this company is famous is because they assure you that your junk will be disposed in ways that are eco-friendly. Apart from cleaning up landfills for the state they also engage in charitable clean ups of neighborhoods. While engaging a junk disposal company, you should definitely think about where your waste will end up, so an eco-friendly company would really be the right choice. Their prices are also very affordable.

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